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Summer With Senior Pets

July 15, 2022

Do you love the summer heat? Or are you already looking forward to fall? Our furry friends are also divided on the topic. Many of them love the warm weather, but struggle with heat on those really hot days. Older pets are particularly vulnerable to extreme temperatures. A Cornelius, NC vet offers some summer care tips for senior pets below.


Proper hydration is always crucial, but it’s really, really, really important in summer. Go ahead and drop an ice cube into Fido and Fluffy’s bowl when temperatures soar!

Gentle Exercise

Older pets often slow down with age, but you shouldn’t let them become complete couch potatoes. Walk Fido in the mornings and evenings, when it’s not as hot. Fluffy will also benefit from regular play sessions.

Climate Control

The best way to help your four-legged pal stay cool? Make sure they always have access to rooms with climate control.


Headed on a vacation? Think carefully about whether you should take your fuzzy pal with you, board them, or hire a pet sitter. You’ll have to think about your dog or cat’s age and health, as well as your destination and travel time. Ask your vet for specific advice on this.


A cold snack can go a long way towards keeping your little buddy cool when temps soar. Offer Fido and Fluffy some chilled sodium-free broth, or some canned food mixed with ice. Your pet can also enjoy certain veggies, such as cucumber or seedless melon. You can even get Fido some doggy ice cream in stores!


Keep up with Fido and Fluffy’s beauty care needs! Dead fur and dander can make your cute pet really hot and itchy!

Cooling Tricks

When it’s really hot out, you may need to take a few extra steps to keep your four-legged pal safe. Dogs may enjoy cooling vests on scorching days. You can also give your furry bff a cooling pad or frozen towel to lay on.


Keep in mind that older pets are not as fast and agile as their younger counterparts, and thus are more likely to get hurt. Senior dogs can easily slip and fall into pools, while kitties may not be able to escape a stray or wild animal. Always err on the side of caution.

As your Cornelius, NC animal clinic, we’re here to help! Contact us anytime!