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Smart Toys For Pets

November 1, 2023

The world has gone through an amazing technological renaissance over the past few years. Our beloved furry friends are of course moving into the hi-tech future with us. There are now lots of fun gadgets and smart toys available for both Fido and Fluffy! An Aurora CO vet discusses smart toys for pets in this article.

Benefits Of Smart Toys

Smart toys are more than simple gadgets: they actually provide some key benefits. A smart treat-dispensing toy can help keep Fido from scarfing his snacks down too quickly, while a puzzle toy can keep him out of mischief.

Interactive Balls

You can get Fido a ball that responds to his movements. This is a great option for a pooch that stays home alone!

Snuggle Toys 

You can also get your canine companion snuggle toys, such as ‘heartbeat’ plushies. These are great for puppies and anxious dogs.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are great for providing mental stimulation. That enrichment helps soothe boredom and anxiety. It also helps keep younger dogs out of trouble and can prevent cognitive decline in seniors.  

Paw Pad Translators

Here’s one of the more eyebrow-raising inventions: you can now get programmable paw pads that ‘speak’ when Fido steps on him. This may sound a bit silly, but many pups quickly get the hang of it. In fact, some of the results are pretty incredible! (Results may vary.) 


You can also get smart toys that can be controlled with an app. For instance, if you have a cat, you can get your kitty an automated laser pointer that you can control remotely, using your smartphone. This allows you to play with your feline buddy while you’re at work!


Keep your pet’s personality in mind when you go shopping. If your dog likes to chase things, he may enjoy an automated ball launcher. Pups that need a lot of mental stimulation may prefer interactive puzzle toys. Remember to read reviews! 


Keep in mind that many smart toys may be made of plastic. This can be a concern for pups that are aggressive chewers: you don’t want Fido ingesting pieces of his plaything or, even worse, ingesting a battery or microchip. Opt for durable options, especially if your canine companion likes to gnaw on everything. You’ll also need to be careful with anything that has small parts or pieces.

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