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Signs That Your Cat Is Happy

September 1, 2022

September is Happy Cat Month! We think kitties should always feel happy and content. After all, Fluffy is a pretty perfect pet, and an adorable little buddy. Our feline pals also have some pretty cute ways of letting on that they are generally content. A local Cornelius, NC vet goes over some of the cutest ones in this article.


First and foremost, we have Fluffy’s signature sound, the purr. Cat purrs have some amazing qualities: they are not only very soothing and calming, they also have been shown to lower our blood pressure and improve bone healing.

Leg Rub

Does your feline buddy sometimes rub against your legs? This pretty adorable sign of affection is actually a bit of a power play on Fluffy’s part. When your kitty does this, she is actually marking you with her scent … and, in her own way, claiming ownership.

Lap Takeover

These adorable furballs are just the right size to fit into our laps. It’s both heartwarming and adorable when Fluffy cuddles up with you and looks up at you with that smug, happy look of kitty adoration.

Slow Blink

Does your furry little friend sometimes look at you and blink very slowly? This is actually a sign of affection in kitty language!


We may never find out how much language cats actually understand, though it’s safe to say Fluffy does at least understand her name and ‘Get down from there!’. Our furry overlords also know when we’re talking to them. Any type of response is usually a good sign. This can be a simple tail flick or a meow back. Fluffy may also run up to you, or even jump into your arms!

Sprawl Out

Our feline friends are very small, and can easily feel threatened or frightened. If Fluffy shows you her belly, sprawls out on her back, or drapes herself across your chair, it’s a good sign. Anxious kitties tend to hide, and often sit in hunched-up loaf positions.


To be clear, if Fluffy is biting or scratching angrily, then she’s definitely not in a good mood. However, your furry little friend may gently bite you out of playfulness or affection, and she may pounce on your toes if she’s feeling frisky.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your local Cornelius, NC animal clinic, today!