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Signs Of Dental Issues In Cats

May 15, 2022

Did you know that cats can develop dental issues, just like people can? Our feline pals can be afflicted by many painful dental problems, such as gum disease and tooth resorption. These can be hard to spot, since Fluffy can’t tell you if her teeth hurt. In fact, kitties often mask signs of pain or illness. It’s important to be able to recognize the warning signs that something is wrong. A Huntersville, NC veterinarian lists some red flags to look for in this article.


While many dogs are a bit drooly, cats usually don’t dribble much. If Fluffy is slobbering, dental issues could be to blame.

Pawing At The Mouth

It’s normal for your furry buddy to paw at her face when she’s cleaning herself. However, she shouldn’t constantly be doing this.


Another red flag would be dribbling food out of the side of the mouth. This often happens when dental issues make it difficult and/or painful for kitties to chew.

Poor Grooming

Because Fluffy uses her mouth to clean herself with, it only makes sense that dental issues would interfere with her daily beauty regimes. Cats also don’t always keep up with their usual grooming rituals when they are sick or in pain.


Toothaches can make anyone a bit sour. Our feline buddies are no exception to this rule! If Fluffy seems uncharacteristically withdrawn or cranky, she could have dental issues.

Lack of Interest in Hard Food/Treats

Chewing with a sore tooth can be pretty painful! You may notice your feline friend showing a preference for softer foods and treats.


Swelling around the face or head should always be taken seriously. It’s extremely dangerous, because of the proximity to the brain!

Bleeding Gums

You may notice bloody streaks on your cat’s toys or dishes. Bleeding gums are another indication that something is wrong.


Keep in mind that some cats don’t show any symptoms of dental issues. It’s also important to understand that some of the symptoms listed above can apply to many different health problems. Pay attention to Fluffy, and really get to know her. This will help you spot anything unusual. If your kitty shows any of the symptoms we listed above, call your vet immediately.

Do you know or suspect that your cat has dental issues? Contact us, your Huntersville, NC animal clinic, today!