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Is Fostering Right For You?

June 1, 2023

June Is Foster A Pet Month! If you love animals, you may be interested in doing all you can to promote and support good animal welfare. Fostering can be a wonderful way to help animals in need! However, it isn’t for everyone. In this article, a Huntersville, NC vet lists some things to think about before signing on.


Fostering entails quite a bit more than filling a bowl with kibble and taking Fido for walks. Many foster pets require extra TLC. Very young puppies and kittens, for instance, often need round-the-clock care. You may also need to work with your furry ward on socialization, training, and petiquette. Make sure you have the time to commit!


Another thing you’ll want to consider is how much room you have. Some pets should be quarantined, at least at first. It’s best if you have a quiet area where your new buddy can relax and settle in. Choose somewhere they aren’t too isolated, but also aren’t in the middle of everything.


Fostering is cheaper than adopting, but there are still things you’ll need to provide, such as food, bedding, litter, and toys. Depending on the organization, terms, and situation, you may also need to pay for some veterinary care. Consult your wallet!

Other Pets

Do you have other animal companions? This can be a pro or a con, just depending on their personalities. A friendly dog may be a great comfort, influence, and teacher for a young puppy. However, if you have a kitty that has never lived with dogs, she may be quite scared.


Fostering can be a wonderful experience for children. However, it can also be difficult for them, especially when it comes time to say goodbye. If your kids are still very young, you’ll also need to supervise any and all interactions with the foster pet. Petproofing is another thing to consider. For instance, if your toddler leaves small toys around, that could present a danger for a foster pup who wants to chew, well, everything.

Letting Go

Last but not least, you’ll also need to think of that last day. It can be rewarding seeing a pet going off to their forever home. However, it can also be very difficult.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? As your Huntersville, NC animal clinic, we’re always here for you!