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Helping A Senior Pet Get Settled

November 1, 2022

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month. If you’re considering giving an older dog or cat a loving retirement home, you definitely have our support! Pets in their golden years often have a very hard time getting adopted. That’s extremely sad, because they really do make wonderful companions. A Huntersville, NC vet offers some advice on helping a senior pet adjust in this article.

Offer Comforts

With older pets, the focus really should be more on keeping them comfortable than on keeping them entertained. Things like soft beds and senior-friendly litterboxes can really go a long way here. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Let Them Explore At Their Own Place

Fluffy and Fido can get very frightened and overwhelmed by major changes, such as going to a new home. Many older pets are also confused, sad, and/or upset by being abandoned by or separated from their prior owners. Plus, being in a shelter environment can be very stressful. Offer your furry friend a comfy, cozy spot where they can relax and recoup. Don’t be surprised if your new buddy sleeps a lot at first. That’s normal for pets that are recovering from the trauma of being in a shelter. A trip to the vet’s is a must, but aside from that, just give them the time they need to settle in and feel safe.

Make Things Safe

Although senior pets aren’t as mischievous as puppies and kittens, there’s still plenty of opportunities for mishaps. Make your home safe by removing anything that could be dangerous, such as toxic plants and small or sharp objects. Use fences or baby gates to block off potentially-dangerous features, such as stairs, pools, or fireplaces.

Let Love Grow

Senior pets are really very sweet. At this point in their lives, Fido and Fluffy really just want someone to love them and care for them. They also tend to get very, very attached to those who show them kindness. However, that friendship needs time to develop. You’ll have to earn your furry retiree’s trust. Don’t force attention on them, and don’t reprimand them for making mistakes. Focus on rewarding good behavior, and also on offering top-notch care. You’ll be getting purrs and tail wags before you know it!

As your Huntersville, NC animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering the best veterinary care possible. Please contact us anytime!