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Grooming A Senior Pet

March 1, 2023

Is your dog or cat into their golden years? Fido and Fluffy are always adorable, but they somehow manage to get even cuter as they age. Of course, as your furry friend grows older, they’ll go through some changes. You’ll need to take some precautions to keep them comfy and content. Grooming is important to both of those things! A Cornelius, NC vet offers some advice on grooming a senior pet in this article.

Be Careful

Older pets can be quite fragile. Even a small slip or jostle can cause injuries, such as pulled ligaments. Be extremely careful when picking Fido or Fluffy up and putting them down. You may also want to use a non-stick mat in your tub, to keep them from slipping.

Use The Time

Those beauty sessions are a great chance to gently check your pet over for things like lumps, bumps, and lesions. Take the time to gently inspect your little buddy.

Don’t Forget Pawdicures

Long nails can be very problematic in senior dogs. They make it harder for Fido to get good traction, which increases the risk of slips and falls. They’re also just uncomfortable! Many pups will change their strides or shift their weight as a result. That can strain their already-fragile bones and joints.

Consider Going Pro

Even if you’ve always groomed your furry bff at home, you may want to consider going to a groomer. They have stations that are easy for pets to get in and out of, which may make things easier on both you and Fido.

Trim Carefully

It’s not unusual for older animals to have dirt or fecal matter stuck in the hair around their bottoms. If this is an issue with your pet, you may need to gently trim that fur back. Use round-end scissors, and be super careful!

Brush Gently

No matter what type of coat your dog or cat has, they’ll be more comfortable if it is free of mats and tangles. Brush your furry friend regularly! This will remove dead fur and dander from their coat. That not only helps with preventing or reducing itching and discomfort, it also helps make their fur more efficient at insulating them from heat and cold.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your Cornelius, NC pet hospital, we’re here to help!