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Fluffy’s Summer Plans

June 15, 2021

Summer is officially here! This year is definitely looking a lot better than last year. We know many of you are enjoying reuniting with people you haven’t seen in a while. As it turns out, our furry buddies also have a few things on their agenda for the coming months. A Huntersville, NC vet lists some of them below.


Cats don’t actually run on solar power. However, Fluffy seems to have missed that memo, as she can often be found sprawled out in sunbeams. It’s safe to say that you’ll find your adorable little pet snoozing in sunny spots quite often over the next few months.


Some of our feline friends are actually quite formidable hunters. Others? Not so much. Regardless of Fluffy’s skill—or lack thereof—in this area, you’ll probably find your kitty looking out a window and spying on birds and squirrels this year. If you really want to get that motor going, put a window seat in front of a window that overlooks a birdfeeder.

Moth Patrol

Dogs get a lot of credit for their naturally protective nature. However, don’t overlook our feline pals’ defensive skills. Fluffy will bravely spring into action to protect you from invading moths and the occasional housefly.

Paw Art

Do you let Fluffy go outdoors? While we strongly suggest keeping kitties safe and sound indoors, we do know that our feline overlords enjoy certain seasonal activities. At the top of the list? Leaving pawprint art on freshly washed cars. (Refusing to come when called is a close second, followed by chasing butterflies and rolling around in the dirt.)

Blocking Traffic

Kitties are very, very good at getting comfortable. When it gets really hot, Fluffy will naturally seek out cool, comfy spots. Don’t be surprised if you find her stretched out in the middle of the kitchen or living room. It’s often coolest at floor level, especially in rooms with tile.

Plant Inspection

Many people pick up new houseplants at this time of year. Your furry friend will immediately investigate anything new that you plant or bring home. Take care to only get things that are safe for pets. You can check the ASPCA website here for a full list of safe and unsafe plants. (For bonus purrs, get some catnip or cat grass.)

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