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Fido’s Fall Grooming Care Needs

October 15, 2021

Autumn is officially upon us. It’s starting to get pretty chilly at night. Our canine pals may have fur coats on, but that doesn’t mean they are immune from the cold. You’ll want to make sure Fido stays warm and cozy as temperatures drop. Proper grooming is crucial here! A Cornelius, NC veterinarian offers some advice on this below.


Did you know that brushing your dog regularly can help him stay warm? Dust, dead fur and dander can interfere with the insulating ability of Fido’s fur. Of course, our canine buddies all have slightly different beauty care needs. Some pups need to be brushed almost daily, while others only need a quick brushing every week or so. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Hair Cuts

If you have your furry pal’s coat clipped in summer, start letting it grow out. If Fido has toe fur tufts, you may want to clip those. Otherwise, they can collect snow and form ice balls, which are not very pleasant for your pooch. It’s worth mentioning that dogs with double coats should never be trimmed, as this can damage their fur.


If your four-legged friend has a thin coat, he’ll need a few sweaters or jackets for frigid days. We recommend getting your pooch at least two or three outfits. That way, if something is wet or dirty, you’ll still have something warm and dry to put on him. If you put Fido’s things away last spring, now is the time to pull them out of storage. Make sure that your pup’s things fit him well, and are not too tight or constricting.

Paw Care

Your pup’s furry feet will need some attention as well. Fido’s paw pads are very delicate, and they can easily get blisters or abrasions by walking or running on snow, salt, sand, and ice. They can also get cracked and chapped in cold weather, just like our skin does. Use paw balm or wax to moisturize and protect your dog’s paws.


Many of our canine patients don’t get bathed as much in winter as they do in summer. This is understandable: you don’t want to walk a wet dog on frigid days. However, grooming is important all year round. Consider booking your pooch an appointment at the salon.

As your Cornelius, NC animal clinic, we’re here to help! Contact us anytime!