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Faqs About Kitten Care

August 15, 2023

It’s hard not to melt when you see a kitten: while cats are adorable at all ages, they’re ridiculously cute as babies, with their tiny furry faces, clumsy play antics, and endearing meows. Little Fluffy is quite fragile, though, and she definitely has a knack for mischief. A Cornelius, NC vet answers some questions about caring for these tiny furballs in this article.

What Do I Need To Get For A Kitten?

Your initial shopping trip should be for the basics: food, water, dishes, litter and a litterbox, toys, a carrier, and bedding. Little Fluffy will also need something to scratch, and will definitely appreciate having a cat tower to scale and perch on. Some of these products, such as food and litter, should be chosen with your pet’s age in mind. You’ll want to choose a high-quality kitten food. You’ll also want to avoid clay and clumping litters for now. Baby cats sometimes accidentally ingest litter, and these types can cause dangerous—and potentially fatal—blockages. Ask your vet for advice.

Are Kittens Calm?

The answer to this one is both yes and no. Kittens sleep a lot. In fact, they can spend up to 18 hours a day snoozing. However, little Fluffy will pack a full day of running and playing into the short time that she is awake. Provide lots of safe toys, and make a habit of playing with your tiny friend daily. You’ll also need to do some petproofing. Anything small or sharp is a hazard, as are things like wires, cords, plastic bags, and toxic products or plants. Ask your vet for tips.

When Should I Take My Kitten To The Vet?

Little Fluffy will need a few appointments in that first year. We’d recommend making that initial appointment right away. Then, follow your vet’s recommendations.

What Should I Not Do With A New Kitten?

There are also some very important ‘don’ts’ to be aware of. First and foremost, we strongly discourage letting little Fluffy outside. Cats are always safer indoors, and those that grow up being kept in are usually less prone to trying to get out. You also should never punish your furry friend for misbehaving: this may just scare her and can make her defensive or uneasy. Verbal reprimands are fine, but aside from that, focus on rewarding good behavior.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about your kitten’s health or care needs. As your pet clinic in Huntersville, NC, we’re here to help!