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Fall Grooming For Dogs

September 1, 2023

Fall is in the air! As stores go all-in on pumpkin-flavored everything, people are decorating for the season, and starting to pull some fall clothes out of storage. As you change your outfit for something more autumn-y, your canine buddy will also be going through a wardrobe change. Read on for some fall grooming tips from your Cornelius, NC vet.

Paws For Thought

Summer and winter can both be rough on Fido’s toe beans. In summer, pups can easily get burns or abrasions from hot surfaces. In winter, snow, ice, salt, and chemical de-icers can cause damage. Take advantage of this window to moisturize your pup’s paw pads. You can get paw balm, but petroleum jelly will also work. (Tip: give your pooch a chew toy to keep him occupied as it soaks in.)


Do you have Fido’s fur trimmed for summer? It’s time to let that summer ‘do grow out!


Autumn can be pretty miserable for those who have allergies. Many of our canine pals are also allergic to things like leaves, pollen, grass, and mold. If your pooch is prone to reactions, get into the habit of wiping his paws and belly down after walks. You can also clean his face to prevent tear stains and irritation from dust or allergens on that furry face.

Brush, Brush, Brush

Your furry friend may need to be brushed a bit more than usual at this time of year. Pups with thick coats may need slicker brushes or shedding blades to help get rid of all that extra fur. Take Fido outside for these grooming sessions, so the fur just blows away. Birds may even use it for their nests!


Fido will need a good bath before the weather gets cold. You may want to consider using a pet-friendly color shampoo for a pup with a red, brown, or black coat, or a whitening one for a lighter coat.

Book It! 

Some people always go to groomers, some always go the DIY route, and some go back and forth. It is a bit easier bathing your dog at home in summer, when you can take him for a walk as he’s drying out. You don’t want your pooch wet and shivering on a chilly day! If you take Fido to the salon in winter, it’s time to start booking those appointments. 

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Cornelius, NC pet hospital, today!