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Caring For Your Dog Between Groomer Visits

September 15, 2022

Did you know that almost 40 percent of dog owners take their canine buddies to the groomer’s regularly? There’s a lot to be said for taking Fido to the salon. You get to drop your pet off, and then pick up a clean, fresh-smelling pooch to snuggle with. Of course, your furry friend will need some maintenance in between his salon appointments. A Cornelius, NC vet offers some information on this below.


If you have a longhaired dog, you’ll probably need to brush Fido at least a few times a week. Pups with thin, short hair may only need weekly brushings.

Paw Care

Overgrown nails can be very problematic for Man’s Best Buddy! These not only interfere with Fido’s gait, they can also contribute to dangerous slips and falls, as they make it hard for him to gain traction.

Dental Care

Don’t forget about Fido’s teeth! Brushing your canine friend’s choppers is the best way to keep them healthy, but your pooch can also benefit from dental-formula treats and chews.


That adorable furry face is also going to need some attention! With most pups, you shouldn’t need to do much with Fido’s face, aside from removing any buildup from the corners. However, if your canine pal gets tearstains, you’ll need to clean those. Tearstains are not only unsightly, they can also collect dirt and debris, and get quite matted. Dogs with skin folds also need some attention here.


How often your furry bff needs his ears cleaned will depend very much on the type of ears he has. If Fido has floppy ears, you’ll probably need to clean them at home. Ask your vet for specific advice. Use only vet-approved products, and don’t put any Q-tips or anything hard into your pet’s ear canal.


Many dogs love to roll in the grass, or plunge through wooded areas. Fido has been known to plaster himself in dust, dirt, or even mud! Keep pet wipes and/or some old towels and water near the door, so you can wipe your playful pooch down. This is particularly helpful if you or your furry buddy have allergies, as you’ll also be able to remove pollen and dust from his coat.

Please feel free to contact us, your Cornelius, NC pet hospital, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here for you!