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Brown dog with American flag cape

Fun Facts About Coon Dogs

Did you know that July 9th is Coon Dog Day? Coon Dogs have been the loyal and lovable companions of hunters for centuries. As the name suggests, these pups were bred to hunt, with raccoons being top prey. However, Fido …
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Adult brown dog at the back of a trailer sitting with red sunglasses and orange bandana on the neck

Traveling With Fido

Summer is here, and many people are thrilled to be picking back up with all the plans and reunions the pandemic derailed. For lots of people, that means travel! Fido loves going to new places with his human buddies. A …
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Pet Preparedness Tips

June is National Pet Preparedness Month! There’s definitely been no shortage of natural disasters over the past few years, and it doesn’t look like that trend is going to be reversing anytime soon. With some emergency situations, like hurricanes, you …
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Signs Of Dental Issues In Cats

Did you know that cats can develop dental issues, just like people can? Our feline pals can be afflicted by many painful dental problems, such as gum disease and tooth resorption. These can be hard to spot, since Fluffy can’t …
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5 Ways To Be A Great Cat Parent

Kitties are known for being easy keepers. Fluffy is a pretty low-maintenance pet: she’ll clean herself daily, won’t need walks or training, and spends most of her time sleeping. However, great cat care entails much more than filling your pet’s …
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Spring Cat Care

Spring is officially upon us! While we may not get the extremely cold winters our neighbors to the north do, we definitely do feel some seasonal effects. Our feline pals have a way of getting themselves into mischief. Spring definitely …
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Tag! Fido's Identification

April 2nd is Every Day Is Tag Day. This unofficial pet holiday was created to help raise awareness about the importance of proper tags. Those tiny items could one day save your beloved pet’s life! A Cornelius, NC vet offers …
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The Rules Of Cuddling Kittens

March 23rd is Cuddly Kitten Day! Of course, most people don’t need much urging to cuddle kittens. While all baby animals are cute, our feline friends are almost impossibly adorable when they’re young. While cuddling a kitten isn’t exactly rocket …
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Tips For Bathing Your Cat

Kitties have some pretty wonderful traits, which have helped make them such beloved pets. One of the perks of having a kitty is that your feline pal will clean her own fur. You don’t have to bathe Fluffy. Of course, …
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Times To Board Your Pet

Do you board your furry friend when you go out of town? For many people, the main reason they would bring their pets to a hotel is because they are going away. However, vacations and business trips aren’t the only …
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