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Brownish foxy dog sleeping comfortable on the floor with string lights

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us? We are definitely thankful for our animal companions and the love, comfort, and companionship they provide. However, this can be a dangerous time of year for Fido and Fluffy. You’ll want…

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Brownish dog laying snuggly in the gray floor

Helping A Senior Pet Get Settled

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month. If you’re considering giving an older dog or cat a loving retirement home, you definitely have our support! Pets in their golden years often have a very hard time getting adopted. That’s extremely…

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Cat with rainbow relfection on face

Fun Ways To Celebrate National Cat Day

There’s a special day coming up for our feline friends. National Cat Day is October 29th! Of course, you don’t need a reason to spoil your cat. However, this is a pretty purrfect time to pay Fluffy some extra attention….

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Fat pitbull laying on the floor

Pet Obesity

October 12th is Pet Obesity Awareness Day. This is one problem that definitely could use some attention. In fact, recent studies have shown that well over half of our furry pals are overweight or obese. That’s a lot of chubby…

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Gray cat with cat toys around scattered on brown floor

Signs That Your Cat Is Happy

September is Happy Cat Month! We think kitties should always feel happy and content. After all, Fluffy is a pretty perfect pet, and an adorable little buddy. Our feline pals also have some pretty cute ways of letting on that…

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Black cat on the grass facing to the right

Senior Cat Care Mistakes 

Did you know that cats are considered seniors at only age nine? Fluffy can live well into her teens or even her twenties with good care, so she typically enjoys a pretty long retirement. However, she will need a bit…

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Brown adult dog sleeping with tongue hanging out

6 Ways To Treat Bad Breath In Dogs

Do you wince when your pup licks your face affectionately? If so, you’re in good company. Fido has many wonderful qualities, but fresh breath isn’t one of them. As it turns out, August 6th is Fresh Breath Day. While this…

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Brown hairy dog breed and gray cat snuggling together on the floor

Summer With Senior Pets

Do you love the summer heat? Or are you already looking forward to fall? Our furry friends are also divided on the topic. Many of them love the warm weather, but struggle with heat on those really hot days. Older…

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Brown dog with American flag cape

Fun Facts About Coon Dogs

Did you know that July 9th is Coon Dog Day? Coon Dogs have been the loyal and lovable companions of hunters for centuries. As the name suggests, these pups were bred to hunt, with raccoons being top prey. However, Fido…

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