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Caring For A Geriatric Cat

Thanks to advances in modern veterinary medicine and a growing awareness of proper kitty care, our feline friends are living longer than ever. It’s not uncommon for cats to live into their late teens or even early twenties these days….

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Grooming A Senior Pet

Is your dog or cat into their golden years? Fido and Fluffy are always adorable, but they somehow manage to get even cuter as they age. Of course, as your furry friend grows older, they’ll go through some changes. You’ll…

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DIY Kitty Toys

Do you find a tiny mountain of cat toys every time you move the couch? Does Fluffy play with new things for a few days, then ignore them? It’s important for your feline pal to have lots of suitable playthings,…

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Doggy Dental Issues

Did you know that February is Pet Dental Health Month? Dental health is as important for dogs as it is for people. Fido can be afflicted by many of the same dental issues as we can. Doggy dental problems can…

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Things To Ask Your Dog’s Kennel

Are you planning to board your dog this year? It’s never easy leaving your four-legged buddy behind, but our animal companions can’t go everywhere with us. Boarding is generally going to be your best and safest option for making sure…

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Dog looking straight ahead and smiling

Boarding Kennel Myths

Happy New Year! Do you have travel plans for the coming year? While your pooch may be more than happy to accompany you on a short road trip, he unfortunately can’t go everywhere with you. If you’re flying, going on…

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Bird on the christmas tree

Are Christmas Trees Safe for Pet Birds?

If you’re thinking about buying a Christmas tree this holiday season, you might be wondering if they are safe for pet birds. After all, birds love to chew on things and they aren’t too picky about what they put in…

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Cream-colored cat snuggling with a laying lady in bed

National Cat Lovers Month

If you’re a cat lover, this is the month for you! From December 1st to the 31st, we’ll be celebrating National Cat Lovers Month. That means it’s time to get out your whiskers and celebrate all things feline. So what…

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Brownish foxy dog sleeping comfortable on the floor with string lights

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us? We are definitely thankful for our animal companions and the love, comfort, and companionship they provide. However, this can be a dangerous time of year for Fido and Fluffy. You’ll want…

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Brownish dog laying snuggly in the gray floor

Helping A Senior Pet Get Settled

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month. If you’re considering giving an older dog or cat a loving retirement home, you definitely have our support! Pets in their golden years often have a very hard time getting adopted. That’s extremely…

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