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6 Things Cats Just Don’t Care About

March 9, 2020

Cats are very opinionated little furballs. Fluffy certainly has some very specific likes and dislikes. For example, most kitties love boxes, catnip, tuna, and sunbeams, but are much less fond of baths, loud noises, and car rides. There are also some things that they just don’t care about at all. A Cornelius, NC vet lists some of them below.

Your Privacy

Kitties like to keep a close eye on their humans. Fluffy may want to keep you within sight at all times, and may even follow you from room to room. If you ever close a door while your pet is on the other side, you may soon hear some meows of protest, or notice paws under the door.

Your Sleep Schedule

Cats take their sleeping schedules very seriously. However, they really aren’t that concerned with ours. Fluffy may wake you up in the middle of the night by pouncing on your toes, batting a toy around, or just nudging or pawing you until you move over to make room for her.

Your Furniture

Does your cat sometimes use your furniture as a manicure station? Fluffy has definitely shredded a few sofas in her day. Your kitty isn’t trying to ruin your things: she’s just following her instinctive urge to keep her nails sharp. Provide your furry little diva with a good scratching post or, better yet, a cat tower.

Your Budget

Have you ever bought your kitty an expensive piece of furniture, just for her to ignore it and sleep in a cardboard box? Does Fluffy sometimes ignore her toys and play with a bottlecap or a crumpled-up piece of paper instead? Case in point.

The Laws of Physics

Our feline pals are remarkably flexible and acrobatic. Fluffy can make some pretty tricky jumps! She can also fall asleep in positions usually reserved for pretzels. It’s probably safe to say that cats aren’t particularly concerned with the rules of gravity.

Your Reading Material

If you have a kitty, it’s probably safe to say that you have at some point found your furball sleeping on a book or magazine you wanted to read. Maybe this is Fluffy’s way of saying that you should be spending your time petting her instead!

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