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Tips For Boarding Your Cat

June 15, 2023

Are you planning to take some vacation time this summer? You’ll need to make arrangements for someone to care for your feline pal. If you’re only going away overnight, you may be able to just have someone stop to check on Fluffy. However, for longer trips, boarding is definitely going to be the safer option. We also strongly recommend boarding for senior cats, kittens, and furballs with any kind of chronic pain or ongoing health issue. A local Cornelius, NC vet discusses boarding Fluffy below.

Check The Premises

Finding the right spot is key. Boarding with your vet is the ‘purrfect’ option. If that isn’t a possibility, read reviews and ask for recommendations from your friends, coworkers, and veterinarian. Ask for a tour of the kennel, and make sure it looks clean, organized, and well-kept. Any reputable kennel will require proof of vaccinations and parasite control.

Pack Properly

A few comforts from home, such as a bed and some favorite toys, may make Fluffy’s stay much easier for her. However, this is one thing many boarding facilities differ on. Some allow or expect clients to bring their pets’ things. Others prefer to use their own supplies, often to ensure that they can be properly washed and disinfected. Ask what you should and shouldn’t pack. 

Ask About Cuddles/Playtime

Many boarding places offer options for extra playtime or snuggles. Ask about the various options. A little extra TLC can go a long way in keeping that motor going!

Have A Trial Run

Going away for several days? Schedule a trial stay before your trip. Fluffy may find it easier to cope with boarding if she’s already familiar with her home away from home.

Ask Questions

Kennels all do things a bit differently. Don’t assume that Fluffy’s new hotel will be run the same way as her last one was. Ask about things like drop-off and pickup times, emergency procedures, and perks and extras. 

Provide Clear Information

If you have any special concerns or instructions, provide them clearly. Ideally, you want to offer this info both verbally and in printed form. Communication is key! You don’t have to tell the kennel about the time Fluffy knocked the Christmas tree over, but they should know if she hates being held.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Cornelius, NC animal clinic, anytime!