Pet Boarding

Hambright Animal Hospital offers Dog Boarding, as well as Doggy Day Care services in Huntersville.
We strive to provide your pet’s personal care in a comfortable, loving environment.

Dog Boarding

In order to provide your canine companions a home away from home, we provide very spacious suites, and comfortable condos. In addition to comfortable bedding, we offer the highest quality dog cots, known as “Kuranda Dog Beds –”, to protect your pooch’s joints from laying on the floor. We have a large fenced-in area outside with high quality K9 Grass (special astro-turf for dogs) to keep your pets clean, safe, and secure when they use the bathroom or play in daycare. In addition, we ALWAYS have a veterinarian on call in case your pet develops any illness or needs medical attention while staying with us.

Dog Boarding:
Your pets will be pampered by our caring staff while you are out of town. Additionally, you can opt to have them join our doggy day care play groups while they stay with us. We offer single or double dog suites, and condos. We look forward to having your dog stay with us!

Comfort: Our priority is your pets’ comfort and well being. Suites with comfortable bedding will be provided to all boarders. We provide plenty of blankets and comfortable bedding, but feel free to bring an article of clothing or special blanket that has the smells of home. Also, please let us know if your pet has any special needs so we can make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Personal Attention: We strive to know your pet. From finicky eaters, to those who will not go to the bathroom on a leash, we will take the time to learn your pet’s nuances and make sure that their needs are met.

Medical Needs: Our knowledgeable staff has the skill to care for pets with medical needs. From diabetics that require insulin injections, to geriatric patients on arthritis medication, we are equipped to ensure your pet gets the care they deserve. In addition, we ALWAYS have a veterinarian on call in case your pet develops any illness or needs medical attention while staying with us.

Multiple Dog Households: We understand that some pet owners are more comfortable having their pets board together. However, we highly recommend that all pets board in separate enclosures for several reasons. We worry about keeping your pet safe during overnight stays when staff members are not present. Avoiding preventable injuries is priority to us. We also want to ensure that your pets can be monitored closely during their stay, for instance, if one of your pets needs medical attention (i.e., vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), we would know which pet(s) need to be properly treated. Also, if you have any special instructions on feeding for each pet, keeping them separated is a way to ensure they are getting just what you’ve asked for.

Requirements for Boarding

To help prevent transmissible diseases from passing between boarding dogs, we require the following:

Proof of current Rabies, DHPP (distemper, parvovirus), Bivalent Canine Influenza, performed by a veterinarian, as well as a parasite screening test (via stool sample) within 12 months. Bordetella must be current within 6 months and have been given at least 3 days prior to boarding.

Only neutered/spayed dogs are permitted.

Fleas – if a pet is found to have fleas or flea dirt, the pet will be treated at the owner’s expense.

Click Here to Download Our Boarding Agreement Form
Please bring this completed form with you when you check-in for your pet’s reservation!