Please do not be alarmed by what is airing on the news today and what you may hear in the next few weeks.

Currently a few people are claiming that Bravecto, a flea/tick preventative tablet that lasts for 3 months is now KILLING DOGS.

There is so much that is not told in the news. The drug company (Merck) which sells Bravecto offered to pay for a necropsy (autopsy on a dog to prove cause of death) but they were not allowed to by the owners. The company attempted to do the right thing and find out the true cause of death, which is what any reputable company would do. Therefore they were unable to determine the true cause of these dog’s deaths even though they offered to do it free of cost to the owner.

BRAVECTO IS SAFE! There is NO PROOF that Bravecto has killed any dogs. It is actually one of the safest products on the market. Do NOT worry. It is always recommended that pets be seen at least yearly by their veterinarian to make sure they are up to date on vaccines, bloodwork, and examined for any possible health problems. This helps detect underlying diseases or organ failure that may not be visually evident.

As with any medication, there can always be side effects but with Bravecto, we have seen almost ZERO side effects at Hambright Animal Hospital. The occasional side effects include, vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy.

Our staff and Doctors at Hambright Animal Hospital regularly use Bravecto for our own pets, and we do not plan to stop. The story does not tell the entire truth about the medication, or how the company wanted to prove their product was not killing dogs.

Please call us if you are using Bravecto and you have any questions.