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Choosing Cat Furniture

December 15, 2020

Cats are very easy going pets, for the most part. Fluffy will clean herself, uses a litterbox, and doesn’t need a whole lot of space. While your feline buddy will somehow manage to sleep on your bed or sofa, she really will enjoy having some things made specifically with her in mind. While choosing pet furniture isn’t exactly rocket science, there are some things to consider. A local Huntersville, NC vet offers some tips on choosing Fluffy’s things below.


Baby cats are super playful, and they love to scamper around, exploring and climbing things. Little Fluffy will appreciate a fun activity center. Get her something she can climb. This is also the perfect time to teach your furry little diva pet proper scratching habits. A good scratching post is also a must.

Older Cats

As your feline pal ages, she’ll slow down, and spend less time playing and more time snoozing. Get Fluffy that’s something for her to climb on and off. Your cat will appreciate a comfy napping spot. Lots of beds are also in order.

Shy Cats

Timid kitties tend to spend a lot of time hiding. They just feel safe in small, enclosed spaces. Get your scaredy cat things that offer her some security, like kitty tents or condos. Pet tunnels are also a good bet.

Hyperactive Pets

Do you have a furry bundle of zoom? Consider getting your feline friend an exercise wheel! These are basically the kitty version of the exercise wheels you might see for smaller pets, like hamsters and gerbils. Fluffy will be able to run off the majority of her zoomies without destroying the house!

Multiple Cats

Do you have more than one kitty? You’ll need to choose pieces that can fit all of your furballs at the same time. Otherwise, Fluffy and Mittens may squabble over who gets to use the cat tower!

Any Cats

No matter what kind of cat you have, how old she is, or how active she is, it’s safe to say that Fluffy will enjoy comfy beds. Pick up a few store-bought beds, and then supplement these by putting soft folded blankets on chairs or ottomans. Move things around regularly to keep things fun and fresh for your sleepy little pet.

As your local Huntersville, NC veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to offering great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!