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Obesity In Cats

October 13th is a pretty relevant day to many of our feline patients: It’s Pet Obesity Awareness Day! Of course, the point isn’t to make Fluffy aware of her expanding waistline. It’s to educate people who have cats about the …
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Fall With Fido

Autumn is just a few days away now. Over the next few weeks, people will be pulling out their scarves and hoodies, and replacing flowerpots with pumpkins and scarecrows. Like any other season, fall presents some specific dangers for our …
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Keeping Your Cat Happy Indoors

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Many people know what Fluffy’s basic needs are: good food, fresh water, a clean litterbox, and, of course, proper veterinary care. Another thing that will go a long way towards keeping your feline buddy …
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Benefits of Acupuncture For Pets

Holistic Pet Care Day is August 30th. Although modern veterinary medicine is advancing in leaps and bounds, there is also a lot to be said for holistic pet care. Holistic care uses natural, traditional practices, such as acupuncture, which has …
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Signs Your Cat Needs to Go to the Vet

Our feline friends are very mysterious little furballs. We may never sort out why Fluffy can’t resist jumping into boxes, or why she is so obsessed with catnip. However, we do know that kitties can be very secretive. This can …
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Keeping an Old Dog Comfy in Summer

Do you like summer? Or are you already tired of the heat? One of the great things about North Carolina is that we enjoy the best of both worlds: we get seasonal changes, but we’re often spared the worst weather. …
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Fluffy's Summer Plans

Summer is officially here! This year is definitely looking a lot better than last year. We know many of you are enjoying reuniting with people you haven’t seen in a while. As it turns out, our furry buddies also have …
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Keeping a Senior Cat Cool

Summer can be hard on our feline pals. Fluffy has a fur coat on, and she can’t really cool off by panting or sweating, the way we can. As your kitty ages, she’ll become even more susceptible to temperature extremes. …
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5 Ways to Keep Fido's Teeth Healthy

Dental issues are very problematic in dogs, and much more common than many people realize. By the time your pooch is three, there’s an 80 percent chance that he will have developed some form of gum disease. Fido can also …
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