What People Say

The kennel staff at Hambright very literally saved my dog’s life. I was in Portland on New Year’s Eve when I got a call from Dr Houghton that my dog Roscoe was suffering from a life threatening case of bloat. Bloat can quickly be fatal in dogs. Roscoe was boarding for the weekend and a member of the kennel team noticed something wasn’t right with my boy. He called in Dr. Houghton who came in on a holiday night and discovered Roscoe was very sick. He rushed Roscoe to an emergency clinic where they did a surgery to save his life. Had the staff member not trusted his gut and Dr. Houghton not provided such a swift diagnoses, my dog wouldn’t be alive. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to everyone that saved Roscoe’s life. He enjoys boarding and doggy daycare at Hambright very much, and now he’ll continue to enjoy it for years to come. Dr. Houghton is a fantastic veterinarian with a truly caring staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart from me and from Roscoe!Kristen H.
The entire staff are professional, very caring and compassionate. They were wonderful with our dog Porthos who had an injured leg. We were very pleased by how they diagnosed and operated on our other dog Jada. Dr. Myra personally called regarding both dogs and their course of treatment. She answered all of our questions and gave us a clear understanding. I would HIGHLY recommend this practice!
Yvonne S.
Great vets, great treatment of animals. I particularly like that I can get our dogs’ records (rabies certs etc) via email when I need them. Also like to have all records electronically to save on paper, really good system!
My best recommendations! I will keep taking my dogs to Hambright even when we move to a house in another town.
Anette P.
Dr. Houghton is a very compassionate and knowledgeable vet and has provided fabulous care, guidance and support for my pets. Great, honest advice and clearly outlines options.Patricia Ann H
Omg! I took my baby boy Prince in Jan for his shots etc, they were so professional and nice from the time we walked in to the check out process. They explain and go over everything before hand,which I love. This past Thursday he went to the groomer there and she is AMAZING!…my boy looked so handsome and sharp. I havent been able to find a good groomer since moving here in 2010. So I am sooo glad I found you guys. THANKS SO MUCH for taking sweet care of my baby. You Guys Rock!
Audrey I.
We cannot say enough about Hambright Animal Hospital. Dr. John Houghton is fantastic! I can honestly say that this is the nicest vet we have ever been to all the way around- and that speaks volumes as we have lived in several different states. We are thrilled to find an amazing place to bring our little fur baby! 🙂 We like Dr. Houghton and this animal hospital so much that we will make the drive and continue to go to this location despite the fact that we are moving very south of Charlotte. If you are looking for a clean, responsive, honest, caring vet, I highly recommend Hambright.
Julie B.
I want to say thank you to ALL of you that helped me make this hard decision to let Shania fly free a little less painful!!! I love how you caught me right upon entry so that I didn’t have to cry in the waiting room. I love how you had a comfy area for us! I love how you let Shania have all the doggie treats she wanted! I love how all the “details” were taken care of before hand so I could grieve! I love that you didn’t make me feel guilty! I love the doctor for talking to Shania when all I could do was cry! You are all AMAZING- Thank you!!Stephanie C.
Hambright Animal Hospital is a fantastic place! I bring my cat here and plan on bringing my future dog here (when I can adopt one). I haven’t had to wait for a long period of time, even if I have come in for a write-in. Also, and of course – my kitty can definitely tell if she’s at the vet. Thankfully, I don’t feel judged when I discuss the habits of my cat or her symptoms, which is nice. Instead, I feel like the Hambright staff genuinely wants to help each and every furry family member no matter what is going on, and they also want the humans to be at ease all the same. Another great thing is – Dr. Houghton is very thorough and will provide options for treatment or tests as opposed to pressuring you into an expensive over-the-top treatment. He is very good about giving you the answers you need during the appointment (including any estimated costs) and will do his best to follow up via phone call within a few days of the visit. One of my favorite things are the emails that are received to remind of any appointments but to also summarize the current health of the patient. The comprehensive “report” is nice to be able to read and save for record. It helps keep everyone on the same page. I highly recommend bringing your pet to Hambright Animal Hospital. Especially if you are looking to trust your furry family member’s life with great, compassionate people.Allison D.
We love the staff at Hambright! They have been our second family since We found out our lab needed surgery. Today was the day. And he will be having another one in about 6-8 weeks. Thanks for all your support!
Mary K.
Best vet in the Huntersville area! They offer everything and their staff is very friendly!
Michael L.